Anti-Racism & How to Be An Ally

Support and resources on Anti-Racism and Allyship

Basic Needs

Resources for food, emergency housing, emergency grants and more to support SSU students.

Black Lives Matter

A Message of Solidarity on behalf of CAPS & Confidential Advocacy

Community Resources

How to find an off-campus therapist, community services and resources available in addition to CAPS services.

Confidential Advocacy

Confidential Advocacy provides support, victim outreach, coordination of support services, problem-solving, and assistance with decision-making to anyone impacted by sexual assault, interpersonal violence or abuse, or sexual harassment. For 24/7 Confidential Advocacy support, please contact Verity at 707-545-7273 or send them a message through their websiteYou may also contact CAPS at 707-664-2153 for 24/7 crisis support. 


Support for coping with the stress and impact of the coronavirus pandemic

Grief and Loss

Information and resources to cope with grief and loss.

LGBTQIA+ Support

The current environment may be particularly challenging to some of our LGBTQIA+ students who have had to move home with family who do not support, or do not know, their identities. Please know that you are not alone and there are many avenues for support.

Racial Stress & Trauma

Support and resources for coping with the impact of racial stress and trauma

Self-Care & Wellness Tools

Tools you can use to help with stress management, including guided meditations and daily self-care suggestions.

Suicide Prevention

If you or someone else is considering suicide, get help IMMEDIATELY. Please visit our Suicide Prevention page to learn how. The most important thing friends and family can do to help an individual who is depressed or having thoughts of suicide is to help this person receive the appropriate treatment.


The purpose of the YOU portal is to provide students the right resources at the right time, so they are better able to deal with the issues and life events that occur in college.