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Counseling Services

We continue to offer 24/7 immediate counseling support! Call us anytime at (707) 664-2153 for support. You can also call to leave a non-urgent message with any questions you may have about CAPS services

Crisis Counseling

If you or someone else is in immediate danger of harm to self or others, do not hesitate, call 911 immediately.  Visit In Crisis? for more information and resources.

To make an appointment, or to speak with a counselor, please call us at (707) 664-2153. Counseling is available 24/7. 

We offer priority, crisis appointments with a counselor for those experiencing urgent concerns, such as:

  • Current intent to harm yourself or persistent suicidal thoughts
  • I have tried to end my life, or I was recently released from a psychiatric hospital
  • Current intent to harm another or thoughts of harming another
  • Hallucinations or other serious symptoms of psychosis
  • Recent death of a loved one that is significantly impacting your ability to function
  • Recent trauma (acts of discrimination or hate, physical/sexual/domestic assault or abuse)
  • Someone is currently threatening to physically harm or abuse me or a loved one
  • Concerned about the immediate safety of someone else
  • Current crisis related to housing or food insecurity
  • Current world events leading to severe distress that significantly impacts functioning

At the conclusion of your crisis session, a plan will be made for follow-up services either at CAPS or with an outside resource as indicated.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations are 20- to 25-minute phone sessions that are typically the starting point for receiving services from CAPS. During this initial meeting, you will learn what services CAPS offers and the counselor will collaborate with you to decide how to best meet your needs, whether at CAPS or within the community. 

Single-Session Therapy

Single-session appointments are designed to focus on a key non-urgent concern within 45 to 50 minutes. You choose what issues you would like to focus on, and the clinician will work with you to gain insight, shift thinking patterns, explore strategies to address problems, teach coping skills, and/or suggest resources for the future. 

Ongoing Individual Therapy Sessions

CAPS uses a short-term model of care to address issues common to college students.  The number of individual counseling sessions available to students is limited so that CAPS can best serve the needs of all SSU students. Decisions about the number of sessions a student may have are primarily based on the student's needs, available resources, and overall student demand for services. Near the beginning of individual therapy, you will have an intake appointment with your counselor to review your psychological history and assess your current symptoms. At the intake session, you and your clinician will also determine a treatment plan that may include other services at CAPS or an outside referral. Follow-up appointments for individual therapy may be made with your counselor at the end of each session. 

Relationship Counseling

Utilizing a short-term model, we offer counseling for two or more currently enrolled SSU students who are having difficulty with their relationship. Relationship counseling is available to romantic and/or sexual partners, roommates, or friends. Please note that all students must indicate interest in attending, and, in most instances, each student will need to meet briefly with a clinician for a screening.

Group Therapy and Workshops

Depending on your concern(s), group therapy can be as effective as, or more effective than, individual therapy. It also can be a great adjunct to individual therapy when more support is desired. Finding others with shared concerns and building a supportive community with other students can help normalize experiences and help you feel less alone. We offer a variety of groups ranging from skills-focused groups to relational groups. Please see our current offerings listed on our Groups and Workshops page. Some groups and workshops are drop-in (no registration required, come when you can) while others require pre-registration and regular attendance. The number of group sessions and workshops a student can attend is unlimited as appropriate.  


There may be a time when you become concerned about the mental health of an SSU student and would like guidance about how best to communicate or cope with your concerns. Consultation with a CAPS clinician is available to students, staff, faculty, family, and friends. You may also report your concern to the CARE Team.

Trainings, Workshops and Outreach

CAPS clinicians are available to provide psychoeducational presentations to student groups and clubs and faculty/staff groups or departments. We are also available to attend various meetings and events when there is concern that an attendee may need psychological support. Our availability may at times be impacted by student demand for services.   

Please contact us as early in the semester as possible and with as much advance notice as possible to request.

Referral Resources

If you are seeking outside services, CAPS can help you with referral resources and strategies. Visit our  Mental Health Treatment and Other Local Resources page for more information.