YOU@Sonoma is a virtual wellness platform that helps students succeed at college by connecting you to campus resources and other online educational tools. This innovative digital tool promotes self-reflection, allowing you to be more proactive with your health and well-being. In short, by using this platform you can make the most of your college experience!

Watch the 1-minute video to see what YOU@Sonoma can offer you.

The platform offers the chance to complete brief assessments to gage where you might need to improve. You can also customize the app to bring up content that matches your needs by creating your unique profile. You can set goals and check them off once completed, peruse useful and relatable content, or search for something specific.

Using the portal, you can explore your strengths and areas for growth across three domains:

  • SUCCEED = Academics / Career
  • THRIVE = Physical / Mental Health
  • MATTER = Purpose / Community / Social

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Log in with your Seawolf username and password
  2. Create Your Personal Profile
  3. Take the Self Checks
  4. Explore all the tools, videos, and resources, personalized just for you. (Helpful Hint: the more Self Checks you take, the more personalized these resources are for YOU!)

Additional information

Login and Student Anonymity

Students can access by clicking on the YOU@Sonoma tile in their student portal, or by logging in through the YOU@Sonoma home page and using their Seawolf username to create an account.

When students opt-in to use YOU@Sonoma, the platform collects basic user information (name, email address, etc.). This information is collected to allow the platform to enable secure access and personalized resources for individual users. In addition, YOU@Sonoma collects product usage data (clicks, time spent on the site, search terms, etc.) each time a student uses the platform.

However, YOU@Sonoma’s comprehensive privacy defenses protect this information from risk. For example:

  • Data like names and email addresses are always encrypted to protect the student’s identity.
  • We restrict our team’s access to student data, limiting access of confidential information to only key development staff.
  • YOU@Sonoma analytics use aggregate data and prevents displaying small results sizes.
  • Finally, no YOU@Sonoma information is ever sold to any outside third party.

SSU YOU@Sonoma Contacts

For University-specific questions, contact CAPS at

For questions specific to the YOU@College portal, please contact Paige Beaufort, Partner Success Manager at Grit Digital Health

YOU@Sonoma FAQs

These FAQs are based on California State University at Fullerton's You@Fullerton

What resources may I find on YOU@Sonoma?

YOU@Sonoma suggests evidence-based articles, videos, and resources offered by SSU. Much of the content is updated to reflect current events or the trends emerging during the semester. Resources are organized by the following three categories:

  • Succeed - contains topics related to academic and career development
  • Thrive - gathers information on physical and mental health
  • Matter - points to resources for mindfulness, purpose, and community building 

How will I benefit from using YOU@Sonoma?

Because YOU@Sonoma is a virtual platform, you can access it at any time on your laptop, tablet, or phone. This tool has information and resources designed to enhance your overall wellbeing during your time at SSU. You can explore resources about physical and mental health, take self-assessments, and set goals. By providing an opportunity to reflect on your strengths and areas for improvement, YOU@Sonoma can help you succeed, thrive, and matter at SSU. 

What are Self Checks?

Self Checks are brief quizzes you can take to help you gage your skills in the broad categories of Succeed, Thrive, and Matter. The quizzes range from assessing how you are doing in academics, health, and social support or community. Once you've completed a Self Check, you can view your results to determine your strengths and areas for improvement in these areas. YOU@Sonoma will also offer suggestions for resources based on your results. 

Can I retake Self Checks?

Yes! As you make progress on your goals or encounter obstacles, your results profile will likely change. You can retake Self Checks to assess your overall wellbeing at any point in time. 

How can I track my goals?

Go to the top of the YOU@Sonoma portal and select "Goals" to enter your goals for the semester. You can select goals related to Succeed, Thrive, or Matter. Each of these main categories has subcategories that you can choose to help fine-tune your goals. Once you select a subcategory, you may either choose a goal from the list presented or create your own. You can specify a deadline and the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

Your goals will be listed at the front of the YOU@Sonoma portal. Track your progress by marking as complete each step you accomplish towards your goal!

As a faculty member, how can I promote YOU@Sonoma to my students?

Please share this valuable resource with your students. We encourage you to include YOU@Sonoma in your email signature and add this information to your syllabus. As a faculty member, you also have access to YOU@Sonoma with your SSU credentials. Please explore and familiarize yourself with the resources on the portal. 

Is my data being monetized?

No! Data collected through YOU@Sonoma platform is encrypted to protect your identity. The data that is collected is only used to enable secure access and to personalize your resources. No information is ever sold to outside third parties. 

How is content vetted before it is published on the website?

Content is curated and vetted by behavioral health experts associated with YOU@College, the company that created and maintains the platform. Resources must meet certain standards such as being free or at no cost, and having a quality, evidence-based original source. YOU@College proprietary content is created by CAPS clinicians in tandem with the YOU@College clinical psychologist to ensure tips and resources meet these same standards. All campus resources are provided by SSU.